MISSION: To visit every state and territory in the U.S. For my mission a visit is greater than a stop over; I wish to explore the natural and cultural environments of these areas. Each of these locations has a story to tell, and I want to find it.

As of February 2018 I have visited all 50 states (and Puerto Rico and 2 island in the US Virgin Islands) at least once.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adventures at Home

Sometimes I can forget just how much fun living in and around Washington DC can be... there is a lot to do.  It is nice to remind yourself of those benefits once and awhile - especially since most of them are closed once you get off work... YES, to take advantage of many of the glorious things to do around this city, you have to have a day off; museums, galleries and buildings do close.  Then when you do have off, you have to run errands and take care of all those house-keeping things that you miss during the week, and next thing you know, the weekend is over, and you miss an opportunity again.  So, you have to plan if you want to get out and visit some of these great features.

This past weekend, was one of those weekends.  The National Zoo celebrated the birth of 7 lion cubs this fall... and finally, the adorable cubs were strong and independent enough to be shown to the public.

My extended DC family and I watched their antics for a long while... the cubs did not disappoint.  I have mot seen crowds surrounding one area in the Zoo since the debut of the panda baby...  people, ohhed and ahhed, laughed and shreaked... the lions were vocal and mobile.  Cubs ran and tackled, jumped and climbed; the dad growled and the cubs mimicked... the sister moms watched and tried to keep them out of trouble.  It was adorable entertainment.  Not a bad way to spend a nice day.

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