To spend quality time in at least one area of every state. Quality time means exploring the area; rest stops, gas stations, airports or train stations do not count. The goal is to explore the natural and cultural environments of these regions. Each location visited has a story, pictures for my amateur hobby addiction, and maybe a piece of jewelry/art.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mid-Year - Time to Catch Up

We have hit the mid-year mark, and while my Instagram accurately reflects my travel and adventures, I have failed to write about a few of the most notable ones.  I need to review a few of them.

1) I took my first trip to Mexico and saw another Wonder of the World.  Back in April, my boyfriend and I took a chance on Groupon Travel, and booked a quick 4 night stay in Cancun Mexico.  The hotel was less than fantastic, but the trip itself was fantastic.  We visited two ancient ruins of the Mayans, and that alone made the trip incredible. 

2) I roadtripped from Vegas to Anaheim and back again with a friend.  We partied with Mickey Mouse, New Kids on the Block and friends from all over the country (and one from Canada).

3) My birthday trip was a surprise from my partner, we spent some time on the Chesapeake Bay in the adorable small town of St Michaels, Maryland. 

4) My best friend planned an epic adventure in the Pacific Northwest and in it, we explored the San Juan Islands.  Islands rich is interesting history, geology, geography and biology - our trip was rich in information.  From whale watching to hiking, farms to art, history to food, I am still recuperating.

I will be posting about these trips and some key trips I have coming up... my summer schedule is always packed, and this year is no different.  I have a schedule full of concerts, events and fun travel. 

Can't complain... life is rich, full of experiences and learning opportunities.

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