To spend quality time in at least one area of every state. Quality time means exploring the area; rest stops, gas stations, airports or train stations do not count. The goal is to explore the natural and cultural environments of these regions. Each location visited has a story, pictures for my amateur hobby addiction, and maybe a piece of jewelry/art.

Monday, January 2, 2012

RU Rah Rah!!!

Back from my trip home and into the City for the Pinstripe Bowl... in case you have not heard, Rutgers won!!!

This was my first bowl game, and what a game it was.  A dominating win by Rutgers, some truly spectacular plays by our our defense, special teams and even our offense, awesome crowd of almost 40,000 and a great section of fans (go section 123). Sadly, there were no pom-poms given out or for purchase; instead the school have out large signs that could be folded into noise makers.  Ingenious actually. Sadly, it did not save my voice.  I am still hoarse after a few days.

Loved seeing the band, and must admit my jealousy of the new Colorguard uniforms... when I was in school we wore quite a few throw together outfits, a temporary uniform and even something purchased at Mandees.... nothing as sleek as the squad was wearing on Friday.  Nice!!!  They looked solid (with much more complicated work then the ISU squad).

Before the game, we went to Legends for a pre-game gathering of fans.  It was beyond packed.  They actually had to control the crowd - 3 floors all filled with Scarlet clad fans.  I never thought I would see that.  And in that sea of red, I found an old friend - I was hoping to see someone I knew, but it was a gamble.  I knew a lot of people at RU, but it is a huge university and many decades of alumni decended on Legends... it was great to catch up with an old friend.

Seas of red - at the bar, on the streets of NYC, in the subway, and filling Yankee Stadium.  I never thought I would see that.  Rutgers grads out and proud, of their football team.   GO RU!!!

On the banks of the ole Raritan, my friends
where old Rutgers ever more shall stand
for has she not stood
since the time of the flood
on the banks of the ole Raritan.

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