To spend quality time in at least one area of every state. Quality time means exploring the area; rest stops, gas stations, airports or train stations do not count. The goal is to explore the natural and cultural environments of these regions. Each location visited has a story, pictures for my amateur hobby addiction, and maybe a piece of jewelry/art.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mad Journey of a Postcard

When I go on trips, especially to new locations, I like to send friends and family postcards.  I do this because I think everyone deserves some "happy" mail every once and a while.  And, I like to think that I help to keep the post office in business.  There is a real difference between getting an email from the Top of the World and getting a postcard!

But how long does it take for mail to make it from Barrow to the East Coast... well, today I can report that it takes A WHOLE MONTH to mail a postcard from the small town of Barrow to Freehold, NJ; New Orleans, LA, Boca Raton, FL...   a whole month.

I had given up on my mail.  My friends thought that I did not really send them out.  I did, and they arrived today!  Crazy right?  For perspective, I mailed my holiday cards from Anchorage, and they arrived to their respective locations in less than a week.  So, why did it take so long?  Yes, it is remote.  Yes, it is winter.  And yes, it was the holidays.  And no, postcards don't fly priority - but really, a whole month!?!?!?

So, to my friends, you all have heard the stories already.  You have seen the pictures, and I hope you read the blog story.... now you have your card with the Barrow postmark.  (I am sure the Memphis postcards will not take 30 days).

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