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As of February 2018 I have visited all 50 states (and Puerto Rico and 2 island in the US Virgin Islands) at least once.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singing in the Rain in NYC

Headed home for the holiday, to spend my weekend with my sister... it has been a while since I headed home to Jersey, and even longer since I visited my city.  The plan was to head to my sisters, go to NYC on Saturday, do holiday dinner on Sunday and then head back to DC.  Technically, the plan worked... it just rained on our plans.  It rained a lot!!!

The original plan was to walk though an area in Central Park. That did not pan out... we had to find something else to do, but with 4 people, finding agreement was not so easy.  We could have went to a show, a matinee, but we were soaked and the teenager with us was not interested in that option.  There is a special Harry Potter exhibit on display at the Discovery Times Square, but I was the only Potter fan in the group. (It is open until September 5th, so I will hit that this summer).  Both the Met and MoMA were vetoed due to interest issues on the part of the teen... I was out of luck.  Suggested the Natural History Museum, but my sister wanted to take her daughter to see the new dinosaur exhibit and did not want to go without her.  We debated Madame Tussaud's but the line was ridiculously long.

So, what was of interest was the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.  I have seen them in soooo many locations, but never been in one.  Always been too busy and had higher priorities.  Honestly, I had thought tourist trap with these places; I have seen Ripley's in a whole bunch of places.  I thought it would be a waste.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was quirky, and oddly informative.  They had a fantastic collection of African tribal masks from Ripley's personal collection, along with other notable cultural artifacts.... and they had art made out of dryer lint.  There was something for everyone.  I am still scarred from the Medieval Torture Room, I could have lived without seeing an Iron Maiden.

After we took in the craziness of the museum, we headed to the Hershey shop for Easter chocolate, and Roxy's for Cheesecake.  Ohhh, how I miss NY cheesecake - yummy!  There are just some things you can't get in DC...

A quick, wet, but filled trip to mid-town.  Nice to be back!!!

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