To spend quality time in at least one area of every state. Quality time means exploring the area; rest stops, gas stations, airports or train stations do not count. The goal is to explore the natural and cultural environments of these regions. Each location visited has a story, pictures for my amateur hobby addiction, and maybe a piece of jewelry/art.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fallen Behind Again

WOW - time has flown.  I have started two trips to summarize some weekend trips and I never finished them.  I have to admit, with work picking up, my condo board taking up much of my time, coupled with my art history classes through the Smithsonian, I am BEHIND.

My goal is to get caught up in the next week.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
To do that, I am going to go backwards.  I returned from Memorial Day weekend with a fresh pool of beautiful pictures from the Dominican Republic.  There, my brother and I traveled to a few national parks, some historic sites, took a hike through the Ecological Park and enjoyed the gorgeous Caribbean blue waters.  Weeks before that international excursion, my boyfriend and I road-tripped from DC to Scranton, PA for a very atypical weekend getaway; there we visited more national park sites and historic sites, hiked to a cool waterfall and played a serious game of advanced miniature golf. 

And before that trip, I took a trip to Florida to see my mom and take in some elegant orchids at the botanical gardens and visit
Coral Castle in Homestead, FL
the infamous Coral Castle. 

Reaching all the way back in April, I have half written posts about trips into NYC to see a show, a trip to Richmond to escape DC's festival weekend, a trip to Winchester for the beginning of Apple Blossom Festival ....  Like I said, I have been negligent in my writing. 

I wish there was an easier way to do this.  Guess that is why blogging is a job for so many...

I do encourage you to visit my Instagram page - DCJerseyGirl since that is where I post many notable pictures from these trips.

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