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As of February 2018 I have visited all 50 states (and Puerto Rico and 2 island in the US Virgin Islands) at least once.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

NYC for the 4th

The 4th of July - I think BBQs, sun, water (lakes, shores, rivers) and fireworks.  This 4th, I headed "home"ish to the City and for my sister's wedding.  She was getting married in the Park on the craziest of weekends.  A wedding in Central Park on the weekend of the 4th... it worked out perfectly... the weather held out - no humidity, no rain, and the temperature never passed 90.    It was an amazing Saturday.

The wedding we held in the Cop Cot, this adorable ivy covered shelter shaded by various trees up a small hill not far from Strawberry Fields.  The Cop Cot had 2 rows of seating, perfect for the small wedding, and the greenery provided good background and depth for pictures.  After the wedding we headed to Times Square... the city wasn't too crazy, but the tourists were out in the Square... people are always milling around in Times Square.  It amazes me, watching tourists react to the spot.  It has changed so much since we grew up.  More billboards, more lights, closed streets turned into seating areas, a modernized TKTS booth, "cleaner" shopping and and revitalized theatres.  It is easy for forget what a cess-pool 42nd street was.  You did not see many wedding parties back in the day...

After the wedding, an old friend from college met me in the City for some solid "girl time".  We both loved Brooke Shield's performance in "The Adam's Family".  It was so much more than I thought it would be - we laughed and bopped to the music and fell in love with the talent of the young girl that played Wednesday, Rachel Potter; she can sing and stole the stage whenever she was one it.  She can dance, pulled up to the front of the cast numbers.  She has presence; she held her own with Broadway veteran Roger Rees and star Brooke Shields.  The show was adorable and gave a modern day take on the Adam's family meeting another family from Ohio.  If you love sets, this show is a must see - it was like a puzzle and provided endless options for the stage.

We also headed to the Harry Potter Exhibit at Discovery Times Square.  It is only open until September, and I have wanted to see this exhibition since it opened in Chicago years ago.  New York is the last stop before heading to Europe... and it was worth it.  Filled with sets, props, costumes and other goodies, this is a Potter-lovers must.  My friend and I agree though, save yourself the money ($7/ piece) and skip the museum listening device.  There is very little worth-while knowledge.  Out of approximately 30 listening stations, we thought 5 were worth it... we learned that each actor had at least 6 copies of their wands made, 3 of wood and 3 of rubber; we learned that the curtains on each bed were double sided, and the design on the inside was filled with constellations and zodiac signs; we learned that they needed to dress Hermione in a pretty dress for the ball but still retain the fact that she was smart and we learned that French students do not like the cold of Scottland... Guess why we thought you should save your money??!?!  What did make the exhibit worth the money was the up close look the creatures like the hippogriff and the Hungarian Horntail, seeing the details of the wands, and taking in the incredible detail of all the props, like the candy, the newspapers and signs.  Glad I got to do that before the last movie.

We walked up and down midtown.  We shopped.  We ate good food - BBQ at Virgil's and Cuban.  We visited Macy's.  We posed with wax people at Madame Tassauds.  We took in a movie at the AMC, and could not believe how high the theaters went (above the lights and lots of building of the Square).

This year's Macy's fireworks were over the Hudson... we were able to see some before I headed to the train station.  I LOVE NY!

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