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Monday, January 24, 2011

This Room Is Not For Men

Sometimes airport restrooms are interesting places - sometimes scary, sometimes funny... this time, I think all the labels qualify.

Stuck in a stall and I hear one woman start to loudly exclaim, "this room is not for men" over and over again.  Then, I heard a more urgent voice - "I am not a man".  That voice got louder and louder.

I was kinda stuck.  It was a small bathroom and I had no idea if either of them knew there was another... I was horrified and a bit curious.  And for some reason all I could think about what that story last year of the South African track athlete that had to go through months of tests and testimonials to prove she was a woman.

Is this is what happens when you do not look like your gender?  The woman in question must have done something to prove she was a woman, because I heard a meek "I'm sorry" then all went quiet.  When I exited no one was around.  How do you prove your gender?  An ID, flash them?  Do you walk away, go somewhere else or stand your ground?

I am left to wonder what was appropriate.  I would not want a pervert walking into the bathroom... but I also would not want to insult someone.  What is right?   What is appropriate?  That was a first for me... and I feel badly for both women involved.

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